How a gentleman should act in a restaurant

Good food is not just a trip to enjoy a little luxury, it is an exercise in decorum and manners and a way to show that you are refined and educated in gentlemen’s codes and behaviors.

So, how a gentleman should behave in a restaurant

  1. Avoid being noisy

It’s fun to hang out with your friends at a restaurant, but not at the cost of disturbing other diners. Avoid speaking out loud; you can make wise as well as funny comments but keep it low in decibels. In addition, don’t unnecessarily converse with people sitting at other tables and disturb them.

  1. Use of napkins

Most of us tend to feed our clothes when it comes to eating. It is better to use the provided napkin to avoid setbacks. Remove the napkin from the table before eating, unfold it, in addition to rest on your knees or lap. If this is done, do not use it to clean your face or other cutlery. Place the semi-folded napkin on the left side of your plate once you’re done eating. Don’t fold or place it on your used dishes.

  1. Have patience

If you have waited patiently until your food is cooking, what is the harm in waiting until it has been fully served? Act with maturity at the sight of food! It is not advisable to fill your mouth with various types of food all at once. Don’t ever talk while chewing.

  1. Inform in advance

If you have a host who invited you and there has been a delay, be sure to inform the person concerned in advance. If not, a reservation and food could be wasted.

  1. Treat waiters with respect

Above all else, it is essential to treat the waiter well. It is believed that people are always judged on how they treat another person. Show some courtesy and expect good service in return. Hooting, whistling, or making cheesy a sound to call the servers is disrespectful. So, be respectful!

  1. Fallen objects

Another big mistake most people make is cleaning the table where the food was dropped! Once you have dropped food on the table or elsewhere, wait until the server picks it up. You don’t need to worry.

  1. Bad quality service

In case you are not satisfied with the service given, do not make a scene or shout your dissatisfaction. This just provides the idea of dominant behavior. As an alternative, politely but severely tell management that you are not satisfied. If you insist, leave a note of the suggestion. This will maybe develop their future services.

  1. Thanks to the service

Do not hesitate to mention it if you liked the service provided by the restaurant since it does nothing to demean your image. Actually, it portrays fine manners. This can motivate both staff and management to work better as well.

You are allowed to sit the way you want and eat the way you want when you are at home or at a close friend’s house. However, public places need a code of conduct, provided by unwritten rules that you must remember. Always keep in mind that somebody is watching, so it is wise to follow the restaurant’s label and uphold your standards. If not for yourself, at least do it for the appetite of those close to you. Click here to find more information: What do you know about the benefits of CBD oil for vegan athletes?

Woodrow Anderson